Extreme Clean

Extreme Property Cleaning Service Throughout Pembrokeshire
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Do you need help? Are you a landlord who’s previous tenant has left your property in a bit of a state? If things have gotten really bad, you feel you can no longer cope or the circumstance are beyond your control, you need to call in the professionals.

Properties left vacant following eviction, repossession or even death, can result in possessions decaying, organic matter become vermin-infested and gardens seriously overrun by rampant weeds. An empty property will also attract squatters who’ll will take-up residence at any opportunity and unfortunately the carnage left behind by these squatters can be quite upsetting and, if left unattended, will quickly cause the property to deteriorate and devalue.

Extreme cleaning is therefore not a pleasant job but an important one and the potential health risks for all our staff is very serious, particularly when dealing with the clearance of drug paraphernalia such as hypodermic needles as well as blood, faeces and other bodily fluids, where the risk of being exposure to HIV, Hepatitis, TB and Scabies and is extremely high.

Extreme clearance includes:-

  • Sharps needles clearance followed by a deep hygienic clean
  • Crime scene and trauma cleaning in which there is exposure to biohazards including chemicals, blood, bacteria, human and animal waste and infestation of flies and maggots that are often the result of an undiscovered death
  • removal of abandoned or burnt out vehicles

We also ensure that all the waste we clear is appropriately disposed of.

Once the area has been cleared we will commencing the deep cleaning of:

  • bin rooms
  • graffiti removal
  • sewage overflows
  • kitchens including units/sinks, cupboards, fixed/built in appliances and worktops
  • bathrooms including toilets, baths, sinks
  • windows and window sills
  • carpets
  • wallpaper
  • fixtures and fittings
  • doors, floors, skirting

All of this requires expert knowledge and a deep understanding of how to bring these extreme conditions under control so that you can return to a premises that’s habitable and safe to live in, all handled with complete respect and consideration for everyone concerned and the surrounding environment.

Get in touch with us for a quote by contacting Martin at P.E.M.B.S Ltd on email mcjjhughes@hotmail.com or call 07792 802 419.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions before any work commences.