Garden waste bag collection in Swansea sprouts row

Garden waste bag collection in Swansea sprouts row
By South Wales Evening Post | Posted: November 02, 2014

SWANSEA Council’s garden waste collection scheme has sprouted a row after homeowner David Chudleigh’s bags went uncollected.

The 73-year-old had been working on preparing his Wimmerfield Crescent garden for the winter, which included pulling up any summer flowers that had bloomed their last.

He completed the task in time to catch his kerbside collection and was even thoughtful enough to use two bags to share out the load for council workers.

However, the refuge lorry came and went without taking his garden waste away.

He said: “I filled our white bag with flowers, they were well shaken before I put them in the bag. I even used two bags and divided them up into two bags to make it easier for them to carry.

“But they told me, three times, that they wouldn’t take them because there was too much soil in the bag.

“There was some earth in the bag but it was 95 per cent was flowers.

“You are bound to have some soil caught up in their roots.”

He has now called on the council to show some give and take.

“At the end of the day I support recycling, I think it’s an excellent development, but the council hasn’t got anything in place to recycle garden waste. They haven’t got a solution. We need a facility, that’s what we are paying our taxes for.”

Mr Chudleigh said that some of his neighbours had experienced the same fate.

“There are a lot of flowers going to be disposed of at this time of year,” he said warning that other gardeners should be aware of the council’s stance. This is going to crop up every other week.”

He added that he was annoyed that the council workers had left the white bags on the pavement.

“They were causing a health and safety issue, someone could have tripped over them,” he said.

A spokesman for Swansea Council said: “Soil isn’t a compostable material, so white garden waste bags won’t be collected if there’s too much of it in them. This is stated clearly on the bags and is also the case for other materials like large branches, logs and stones. We also exclude soil from the garden waste collection service because it can make the bags too heavy to lift safely.

“We’ll contact Mr Chudleigh to see if there’s any advice and support we can offer.”

Geraint Thomas / / @ThomasTheNews

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