Garden Clearance

However big or small your garden is we will tidy up and clear all rubbish and overgrown plants from the whole of the outside area of your house, building or property.

We tidy and remove:-

  • bags of rubbish
  • any dumped bits of junk or furniture
  • broken paving stones
  • overgrown bushes, hedges and tree branches
  • rubbish from sheds, outbuilding and garages
  • the lawn area
  • weeds and dead plants
  • scrap metal, broken machinery and tools
  • garden equipment and furniture

Please find enclosed cheque. Thank you for your services, which was very good. Mrs McK

We power clean:-

  • blocked gutters
  • pavements, pathways, yards and driveways
  • fascias
  • roofs
  • windows
  • outbuildings
  • caravans

We repair:-

  • broken fences

Example garden clearance



Please refer to our Terms and Conditions before any work commences.