Hazardous Properties

A hazardous property includes the clearance of items that are potentially hazardous to the health of the person doing the clearance.

The hazardous items to be cleared could be anything from asbestos to chemical and bio wastes, eg, pesticides, solvents and oil, human healthcare waste, batteries and electrical equipment that containing certain components such as lead solder. These items cannot be disposed of at the recycling plant but instead have to be sent away for specialist disposal.

The building could also have broken glass, unsafe floors and structures, faulty electrical equipment and wiring and booby trapped attic hatchways so more care and attention is to be taken when undertaking such clearances.


Example Clearance

The following is an example of a house that was cleared that had a lot of drugs paraphernalia scattered around. There were thousands of used drugs needles scattered around in every room so before we could send the clearance team in we had to make sure the building was safe and needle free.

To do this we use specialist anti-needle piercing safety equipment to protect ourselves from contamination. We painstakingly put each needle, one by one, into a sharps box for disposal.

The needles, as you can see from the photos, weren’t conveniently placed in just one area and some were even deliberately placed to stick upwards from the sofas, chairs, carpets and cushions. They were also embedded within piles of general laundry so we had to use a large flat shovel to turn over the debris to find and pick out all the needles.

We finished the clearance with a deep clean of industrial strength disinfectant to ensure the property was totally germ free and suitable to be put up for rental again.

Before photos

During photos

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