How to clean kitchen cabinets

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to clean kitchen cabinets!

House cleaning just got easier with these helpful hints for getting the job done faster. Instead of wiping down all cabinets regularly, just spot clean. Spray multi-purpose cleaner on a micro-fibre cloth. With this, you can quickly wipe away fingerprints and splatters on the kitchen cabinets you use most often. Make sure to wipe the hardware, too.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets entirely should happen once a season, including emptying them out. Use a micro-fibre cloth and mild cleanser for the shelves, inside of the doors, and outside of the doors. For crevices, like in many kinds of house cleaning, use a toothbrush.

To clean painted kitchen cabinets, use a baking soda and water paste mixture to tackle stains. Wood kitchen cabinets need oil soap to clean and add shine. These house cleaning tips can keep your kitchen cabinets looking like new year-round!

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