Residents urged to join campaign to stop junk mail

Residents urged to join campaign to stop junk mail
First published Monday 23 March 2015 in News

GWENT residents are being urged to join a campaign to stop unwanted junk mail being delivered through their doors.

According to Recycle for Wales, found that the average home in Wales receives 453 pieces of unwanted mail a year.

The organisation wants people to sign up to the Mail Preference Service (MPS) to deregister their address to stop receiving unwanted mail.

Home owners who register with the service should see a difference in the amount of unwanted mail delivered within three to six months.

To stop unaddressed regional junk mail, which is usually labelled to the ‘occupier’ or ‘householder’, that and is delivered by Royal Mail, homeowners can contact their door-to-door opt-out service by sending their name and address to op or by calling 0845 703 4599.

Dan Finch, National Campaign Officer for Recycle for Wales, said “Over a third of all direct mail is discarded unopened, which is why we are encouraging people to visit our website to find out how to reduce the amount of junk mail they receive.”

“However, if you do enjoying receiving “junk mail” don’t forget to recycle it when you have finished with it using your local recycling collection service, or by visiting your local recycling centre.”


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