Terms and Conditions


1 Quotations

Quotations are valid for 14 days. If the job should change in any way, either by the client or P.E.M.B.S Ltd within that time, these additional requirements will either be added to the original quote or should the changes happen either on the day or during the work being undertaken, the additional charges will be added to the booking form, thereby superseding the original quote and you will be invoiced accordingly. Please note that the hourly charge includes travelling time to places over 20 miles from Haverfordwest and mileage may be chargeable at 40p/mile.


2 Health & Safety Requirements

Due to current Health & Safety legislation a minimum number of people will be required to attend a job dependent on the size and weight of the items that are required to be moved.


3 Disposal/Removal/Maintenance of Goods

The Client should state all items that require special instruction within their original request. If this is not stated, P.E.M.B.S Ltd cannot be held responsible for the erroneous treatment of items. The Client will be asked to sign a booking form confirming the Agreement and Warranty and Indemnity Clause.

Agreement and Warranty and Indemnity Clause: I hereby agree to the booking as stated above and warrant that I have full legal title to authorise disposal/removal/maintenance of any goods and I hereby indemnify P.E.M.B.S Limited against all claims, costs, demands, compensation, or loss resulting from any breach of this warranty and agree to P.E.M.B.S Limited Terms and Conditions.

P.E.M.B.S Ltd will also keep a photographed record of all said items and set these aside in a secure manner during the removal of all other goods. Money, jewellery or valuable personal effects must be removed from the premises by the client themselves before a clearance commences.


4 Deposits

P.E.M.B.S Ltd reserves the right to charge a deposit, which is payable on the day of assessment or booking. This amount will vary according to the size of job.


5 Cancellation

Once the quote has been agreed and/or a deposit made, should you wish to terminate the contract, you must do so in writing, email or by phone as soon as possible. In the event of a termination of contract, P.E.M.B.S Ltd reserves the right to retain the deposit. Should you wish to stop work for whatever reason, you are liable to pay for all costs up until that point.


6 Invoicing and Late Payment Charges

Our payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice by cash, cheque or direct banking. If you do not pay within the deadline, a fixed late payment charge of £25 will be added to your account automatically each month the account remains overdue.  If the outstanding account is not settled within four months, court proceedings will commence.


7 Confidentiality

P.E.M.B.S Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy. All email addresses, names, addresses, telephone numbers, forwarding information or information of friends, relatives or business acquaintances acting on behalf of the property in question, are for the sole use of P.E.M.B.S Ltd and will not be passed on to third parties. The client reserves the right to ask P.E.M.B.S Ltd to have all this information removed from our records once a job has been completed. We reserve the right to use any photos or videos taken before during or after for marketing purposes only.


8 Complaints

If you have experienced any problems or need to make a complaint, you must do so within 24 hours after completion by emailing all details including photographs to mcjjhughes@hotmail.com. Failure to make timely complaints will result in us being unable to fully investigate your case.


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